doesn't pay to try (flaaa_blah) wrote in quiet_thrills,
doesn't pay to try

In an attempt to distract myself from news re. Winehouse, I bring you...

...a few small thrills from the past 12 or so hours.

-  After a night out with lovely friends in a trendy, over-priced club with ridiculous people in it, getting a glorious jacket potato with melty cheese and tuna, black coffee and cigarettes whilst reading Moomin in a little greasy spoon cafe, and feeling not at all guilty, just exhaustedly contented.

- Attempting to find one's hungover way home from an unfamiliar part of London.

- In the endeavour, passing a little florist's shop, ducking inside on the spur of the moment, and pretending to be Mrs Dalloway while buying some potted flowers from cool, interesting lady who I now have a slight crush on.

- Said lady laughing delightedly and saying, "that's probably the sweetest thing I've seen," when, upon realising I'd nothing to carry my potted plant in, stuck them in bowler hat I'd been wearing.

-  Carrying the flowers home in the hat (if you can envisage an ungainly girl in a black prom dress and cowboy boots staggering tiredly along, cigarette hanging from mouth, hat and flowers clutched comically before her, to the tune of this , then that's...roughly how I felt).

-  The look on mam's face when I handed her the hatted flowers.  <3
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