a dull creature (heartequals) wrote in quiet_thrills,
a dull creature

academic quiet thrills!

- Our professor let us watch the Queen of the Night's big aria from The Magic Flute after we begged her and afterward said, "I just loved watching your faces light up while watching her. Stunning, isn't it?" Later we watched Papageno and Papagena's duet and she exclaimed, "Isn't this the silliest thing in the world! It's impossible not to smile." She told us to watch the scene if we ever felt down. All this was after she'd asked me, before class, if I enjoyed the course. Uh, yeah I do!

- The instructor saying, after a particularly trying week, "You all looked like you'd been hit by a truck on Tuesday. I hope today's reading was easier?" (it was). He later entertained us with his imitation of a bunny rabbit with no legs.

- My friend and I went to queer faculty-student ice cream social. I saw one of my professors there and grinned my head off -- he sat back and laughed at me. We also met a married couple from the Spanish department, one of whom was the head of the department. Her partner hurriedly assured us that , not to worry, they were married before she was made head of the department. No shenanigans!

(eta)- One more. A professor and I agreed to haunt our library's Special Collections when we die. There just aren't any ghosts in the new library building!
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