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head in the clouds

(where we can breathe)

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Do you ever find yourself contemplating the useless or laughing at the out of context? There's something fascinating about the things the world deems frivilous or unimportant, like drive-by observations or the life story of the apricot tree in your backyard. I mean, when it comes down to it, does anyone have the right to decide what in this life really matters, or what will effect us? I usually find wild nasturtium more inspiring than so-called "inspirational" speakers, or passing glances more beautiful than the blank stares of supermodels.

Do you? Share, you know. Some people thinks it's weird, but personally, it seems sort of weird not to spy on your neighbors or not to try planting sunflowers at the local highschool. You have to wonder how anyone can live a mainstream life.

Welcome, I'm the founder and one of the mods: Carolyn, iron_giants.

I'm Flavia crocodiletears your assistant mod? vice mod? Something.

Oh, wait, that's not a picture of me, it's civil war soldiers with a pterodactyl. Oh well.

life is lovely
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